Volunteer and stage coach at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. Volunteers assist with the river crossing reenactment at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. Volunteer at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. The Inscription Wall in the Trails Center showcases exact replicas of emigrant names found along the trails. Volunteer with school children at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming.
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National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

2009 History Club

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December:  Snow Play Day

Do you remember the days of snowball fights at the park and in the school yards? Members were able to relive those days with a lively snowball fight, ice sledding and snow sculpture day. Smiles abounded in the free outdoor time. Hot chocolate and homemade pumpkin bread warmed our stomachs after the cold excursion outside.


 Snow play.

November:  Smithsonian Speakers

Smithsonian speakers shared historic Native American culture and stories with club members. Club members also practiced their skills of stealth to help in any upcoming hunt.



October:  A Mélange of Cultures

The American holiday of Halloween is a mélange of cultures from around the world. Students studied how cultures mixed to form the current celebration of Halloween. They then used the old tradition of shadow (finger) puppets to tell stories. Finally, everyone participated in an old Halloween game of eating a donut off a string, no hands allowed!


Eating a donut on a string with no hands.

September:  Music and Dance

This lesson compared Native American music and dance with that of the pioneers. Both cultures used costume or special clothing for special dances. Students created head-dresses and rattles to accompany a simple heel-toe dance. Everyone then learned the pioneer rendition of a Virginia reel.


Making head-dresses and rattles.

August:  Nooning at the Falls

Pioneer children nooned (took a lunch break) during the long trek westward. History club members completed the daily chores of pioneer children. Many found that the water haul was not as easy as previously anticipated. Everyone celebrated the end of chores with a picnic lunch and timeless games.


Starting the noon fire.

July:  Botany

Do you know what yarrow is used for? How about prickly pear cactus? Club members learned the uses of local flora and then captured them with photographic memory. Here are a few examples of photos taken by club members.