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Hands on the Land

Hands on the Land (HOL) is sponsored by Partners in Resource Education, a collaboration of five Federal agencies, a nonprofit foundation, schools, and other private-sector partners. HOL is a network of field classrooms extending across the United States, from Alaska to Florida.

Approximately one-third of the acreage in the US is comprised of public lands. These lands are rich in historical, archaeological, and environmental learning opportunities. Through the network of field classrooms, Federal agencies can provide a varied collection of hands-on learning opportunities for teachers and students.

The Hands on the Land website is primarily for teachers and Federal employees who are responsible for managing education programs on each of our nation’s public land areas--national forests, national parks, wildlife refuges, recreation areas, museums, interpretive centers, as well as private lands that have been made available to HOL.

The HOL website also allows teachers and students to share information and learn about their local ecosystems, creative teaching strategies, and more! Classroom materials are available on wildland fire, invasive plant and animal species, forests, watersheds, climate, oceans, and various habitats.

For information about joining the Hands on the Land, visit their website.  

Fifth graders study grasses as part of the Hands on the Land program.

Fifth graders study grasses as part of the Hands on the Land program.