Volunteer and stage coach at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. Volunteers assist with the river crossing reenactment at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. Volunteer at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming. The Inscription Wall in the Trails Center showcases exact replicas of emigrant names found along the trails. Volunteer with school children at the Trails Center in Casper, Wyoming.
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National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

Educational Trunks

Capture your students’ attention with hands-on learning tools.
To reserve a trunk call 307-261-7780.

Pioneer Trunks

Explore the clothing and daily tools of a western pioneer. Boys and girls can dress in the fashion of the time while studying from the prominent McDuffy’s learning series.

Contents of the Pioneer education trunk.

Geography/Ecology Trunk

Listen to the stories of our land. Discover the history of rocks, survival in the deserts, and how rivers move mountains. Learn how to better care for our environment by using our natural resources wisely.

Contents of the Geography-Ecology educational trunk.

Buffalo Trunk

Hold a buffalo horn and imagine eating stew prepared in the buffalo stomach. Pack water for your upcoming trip in the bladder and dried food into pouch made out of the hide.

This trunk, full of natural buffalo parts, comes with its own interpreter.

Please call 307-261-7780 to schedule a guest visit.

Contents of the Buffalo educational trunk.

Native American Trunk

Listen to legends of the origins of our land. Discover how to make arrowheads, shelters, and the origins of many American games. This trunk offers a historical wisdom of ecology.

Contents of the Native American education trunk.