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Transcript:  Multiple-Use Mission

“The role that the BLM plays in our communities is sustaining the land for future generations to be able to enjoy. But it is also interfacing with the community so that they have a true understanding of what is takes to be able to maintain and sustain that land.”  -Leon

“When I told people that I would be working for the BLM, the majority of the responses were ‘What is the BLM?’ Most people have no idea, even people out West where most BLM land is located still don’t have a real good picture of what BLM does. 
You are contributing to protecting, sustaining our natural resources not just for present but also for future generations. You are helping to protect the very lands that people love to recreate on, to be able to see wildlife on, to just have that open space that is slowly, slowly, slowly going away as the West especially starts to grow.
Knowing that I work for an agency and an organization that protects those lands really is very rewarding, and it makes me feel like I am some small part of something very big.”  -Alma 

“We are so intricately interwoven with the quality of life for people in this country that we affect them every day, even those who don’t know that we exist.”  -Elena

Last updated: 03-03-2010