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Transcript:  Room for Advancement

"The door is wide open as far as promotion opportunity. As far as promotion opportunities and opportunities to advance, it’s entirely up to me on what direction I would like to go. I have already had a few opportunities to advance already, and I have only been with the Bureau for two and a half years."  -Leon
"I think if you are interested in joining the BLM, one of the positive aspects of joining the Bureau of Land Management is that you can get a great amount of freedom and responsibility in your job. The agency is fairly open to innovative ideas."  -Andrew
"It offers both sides of it. If you want to work in the field, if you want the hands-on experience, it’s there. And if you want to be in the backdrop doing the administrative side of things for BLM, that opportunity is there too.   So, the experience you can get here is pretty varied."  -Tiya
"When you show that you want to gain knowledge and experience, all you do is just mention it, and then you’ll go … And I can get network administration. I can get database development administration. I can get budgeting experience, and helpdesk experience in a number of different fashions. It is very beneficial in the IT field because you back up everybody. That experience will carry me forward with any endeavor that I choose in the future."  -Al'Tariq

Last updated: 03-03-2010