California Kids Clean Up Beaches on 
World Ocean Day 2008

Along the California coast, more than 8,000 California children at seven locations commemorated World Ocean Day on June 6, 2008, with hundreds of schools participating in “Kids’ Adopt-a-Beach Cleanup Day” projects.  Coordinated statewide by the California Coastal Commission, the volunteer event is now in its fifteenth year. 

BLM’s Arcata Field Office and the non-profit Friends of the Dunes organization co-sponsored a cleanup project at BLM’s 800-acre South Spit Cooperative Management Area on Humboldt Bay in northern California.  The spit is a 4.5- mile expanse of wave-sculpted beaches, windswept dunes, and marshy bayshore, including a 20-acre western snowy plover restoration area that is off-limits to the public.  Young volunteers removed litter and pulled non-native grasses from the dunes.

Following the cleanup efforts at Humboldt Bay, students gathered together on the beach for a unique “aerial art exhibition,” using their bodies to form the image of a harbor seal and the message, “Kids Care.”

Program Summary

Name: "Kids' Adopt-a-Beach" Cleanup Day

Location: South Spit Humboldt bay, California

Contact: Arcata Field Office

Phone: (707) 825-2300

For more information about BLM South Spit Cooperative Management Area
 click here.

For more information on World Ocean Day click here.

Western snowy plovers build their nests in sand; their small, speckled eggs, like the three pictured here, are difficult to spot.
Photo of South Spit taken from Table Bluff
In addition to beaches, dunes, and marshes, the South Spit Cooperative Management Area features a 20-acre
plover restoration area