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Records Categories

The Bureau has revised the records access categories into which to place its records to facilitate responding to requests for the information and to ensure the proper handling of records which must be protected by law.  The new categories are streamlined into only two categories, rather then three, however Category 1 has two subcategories, a 1 (A) and 1 (B) Category.  Records within Category 1 (A) do not require a FOIA request.  Records within Cateogry 1 (B) require review and segregation prior to release.  All records within Category 2 must be requested via a FOIA request. If you wish more information see Instruction Bulletin 2012-041.

Category 1 Records (Public Information)

These include records which can be viewed/inspected without charge at our Public Rooms (Information Access Centers), but copied for a cost recovery fee.

Examples of Subcategory 1 (A) Public Information

  • Bureau annual reports
  • Bureau circulars
  • Bureau final decisions that affect the public
  • Indexes and Finding Aids to Public Records
  • Final Privacy Act Notices
  • Master title plats
  • Press releases
  • Published maps
  • Survey records
  • Table of Organization
  • Wilderness study area files

Records within Subcategory 1 (B) may contain information protected under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This information, if it exists, is removed from the file before the file is provided to the public. A FOIA request is required for access to any releasable portions of this non-public information.

CATEGORY 2 RECORDS (BLM Records Requiring a FOIA Request)

These records must be requested by FOIA request.  Requests are accepted in hard copy or via email.  Requests for hard copy and digital outputs may be subject to fees through FOIA.  Some records such as maps and photographs may only in hard copy format.  Each state has also designated state specific systems. Contact the Information Center at the state of your interest for more information.  For examples of records in Category 2 see the list below.  For a complete list of records in Category 2 see Information Bulletin 2012-041.

Examples of Category 2 Records

  • Collections and Billings Systems Records
  • Committe Management Files
  • Records from the Customer Research Survey System
  • Forms Management files