Bureau of Land Management Frequently Requested Items and What's New Page

What's New

Effective January 30, 2013 the Department of Interior (DOI) raised the cost of duplication fees. The duplication fee can be viewed by accessing the FOIA Questions and Answers page and clicking the appropriate link.  The DOI Search and Review fees are also available on that same page. 

Many of our customers ask for information on the Rangeland Administration System (RAS). As of a result of these requests, three additional reports were added to RAS, to make it more convenient for the public to find information on the BLM managed rangelands. These rangelands consist of public lands located in 12 states throughout the west that the BLM manages for the use of wildlife and livestock. If you have questions about RAS, you should refer to the website on RAS at http://www.blm.gov/ras/.  

Below we have listed instructions and links for anyone who would like to access RAS and the new reports. 

New Reports Available in RAS are Allotment Information, Operator Information, and Permit Schedule Information. 

These reports can be accessed by going:

1. To the RAS Public Site (http://www.blm.gov/ras/) and selecting "Run Reports" and then selecting the report or

2. To this website http://www.blm.gov/landandresourcesreports/rptapp/menu.cfm?appCd=6 and selecting the report.

Users have the option of printing the report, converting it to an MS Excel file, or converting it to a PDF file. If you have any questions about the reports or RAS, please use the "Contact Us" link on the RAS webpage.

Other Frequently Requested Items

To access other Frequently Requested Items, click here to be taken to the DOI Main Frequently Requested Items page. To check on the status of a BLM FOIA request click on the following link https://foia.doi.gov/requeststatus/  and then enter your BLM FOIA number with the current fiscal year and tracking number as in the example:  "BLM-2013-xxxxx."  If you do not know your BLM FOIA number one of our FOIA coordinators will be glad to assist you. 

To access Administrative court decisions concerning BLM-managed lands and actions please go to the Interior Board of Land Appeals Decisions link at http://www.oha.doi.gov/IBLA/findingIBLA.html

To link to a list of Bureau of Land Management Government Purchase Card Holders please use the following URL:   


To link to information on the BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Gathers, Adoption Holdings and Sales Statistics you should access the following link: