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How To File A FOIA Request

Requests for public information do not require a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. You may wish to contact our State "FOIA Coordinators"  regarding the information you are seeking if it regards records in a particular State office or about operations at State offices.

Privacy Act requests are not accepted electronically. Regulations require a signature for such requests. Please mail your request to the "FOIA Coordinators" at the listed address.

Filing Steps

The Bureau of Land Management does not have a central location for submitting FOIA requests, nor does it maintain a central index or database of records in its possession.  Instead, the bureau records are decentralized and maintained by various State Offices and District Offices. 

Requests for records must be in writing.  In order to make a request for Bureau records you must write directly to the Office that you believe maintains those records.  If you believe that the records you seek are from the entire Bureau, please submit your request to the Bureau FOIA Liaison.  In these situations the Bureau FOIA Liaison will forward your request to the component that he or she beleives has or are most likely to have responsive records.   (The time for processing requests may be delayed you if do not provide standard information such as a indication to pay fees and your intended use of the information or records you are seeking). 

You may make your request via email or in writing.  To make an email request, link to the "FOIA Coordinators" to see the email address for all BLM offices.  For a list of Bureau of Land Management FOIA Point of Contacts, visit  If you have questions regarding where to submit your FOIA request or questions pertaining to what information is need within your FOIA request, please feel free to contact the Bureau of Land Management FOIA Hotline at (202)-912-7562. 

Our hard copy address is Headquarters, Washington Office Bureau of Land Management, WO FOIA Specialists, 3rd Floor, M. St., WO-560, 1849 C. St. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20240.  We will send your request to the most appropriate State office to address your request.  However, if the information you want is only in one State office, it will speed up the processing time of your request, if you communicate directly with the "FOIA Coordinators" located locally in that region. Specific information is required in your request.  See the sample letter with additional information on what to include.

Note: Agencies may not be able to protect the privacy interests of individuals as much as they would like when processing FOIAs via EMail. Electronic communication systems are harder to secure from unauthorized access, and it may not be wise for FOIA requesters to send some requests such as those for personal information to an email mailbox. We recommend that requests for information that are personal in nature be sent in writing to the appropriate "FOIA Coordinators" listed.