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NEW! Youth Action Guide for the Study and 
Stewardship of Community Riparian Areas


Student Action Guide

Introduce students or youth group members to riparian areas--what they are, how they function, and why they are important to the community. The Student Action Guide provides information and instructions they will need to explore and understand the "GREEN Zone." 

Download complete Student Guide (9.8 MB)

Download Guide Introduction, Units 1 and 2
(9.57 MB)

Download Guide Units 3, 4, and 5 (4.89 MB)

Leader Guide

Teachers and youth group leaders will find a variety of resources in the Leader Guide, including background information, a unit-by-unit guide, and safety tips, as well as a curriculum concept map and correlations to national education standards.

Download (3.93 MB)


Unit 2 and Unit 4 "Copy Pages"

Unit 2 and Unit 4 contain pages that need to be copied and distributed to all members of the group. These pages are included in the "unit-by-unit" section of the Leader Guide, but they also can be downloaded here:

Unit 2, Station 1, Activity 1 - River Profiles

Unit 2, Station 2, Activity 2 - Texture Test and Unit 2, Station 2, Activity 3 - Percolation Test (2 activities on 1 page)

Unit 2, Station 3, Activity 3 - Critter Cube Count (1 activity on 2 pages)

Unit 4 Activity - Key Pieces of the Puzzle (1 activity on 2 pages)


Check back often for more riparian education resources--coming soon!

Last updated: 05-21-2010