Ben E. Kemp Homestead, 
Catron Country New Mexico

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Due west of the Cerro Pomo cinder cone, in Catron County New Mexico, about 14 miles from the Arizona line there’s a little homestead that was homesteaded by the Kemp family.

 The Kemps had two homestead claims.  The first, now on BLM lands within the Mesita Blanca Wilderness Study Area, was filed in 1910 and relinquished in 1914.  In 1914 the Kemps filed on an adjacent property and built a new home 600 feet south of the first.  The second home remains in private ownership.

The video includes interviews with BLM Archaeologist Brenda Wilkinson and Jewell Ruth Derrick the Granddaughter of Ben E. Kemp.

Bureau of Land Management, Homestead Act 1862-2012