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Preserve America Stewards Recognized

This past February, Mrs. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, designated eight new Preserve America Stewards.The Preserve America program seeks to actively involve Americans in preserving America’s heritage and increasing the positive economic, educational, environmental, and cultural benefits of preservation to their communities.  

The latest Steward designations include these three BLM partners: the Kaibab Vermilion Cliffs Heritage Alliance whose partners include the BLM Arizona Strip District Office; and the Public Lands Institute and Southern Nevada Agency Partnership who partners with the BLM Las Vegas District in connection with the Southern Nevada Site Stewardship Program.

On April 10, 2010 their designations as Preserve America Stewards were highlighted in a ceremony at the opening of the new Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Visitor Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Representatives from both organizations received a certificate of recognition signed by the First Lady and presented by Bureau of Land Management Director, Bob Abbey.

Preserve America Stewards is a designation program that recognizes programs that have demonstrated a successful use of volunteer time and commitment in order to help care for our historic heritage.

Designation recognizes programs of organizations and agencies that:

  • provide volunteers with opportunities to contribute in direct and tangible ways to the preservation, protection, and promotion of historic properties;
  • address an otherwise unfilled need in heritage preservation through the use of volunteer efforts; and
  • demonstrate innovative and creative use of volunteer assistance in areas such as youth involvement, volunteer training, public education, and public/private partnerships.

Benefits of designation include:

  • a letter of designation from First Lady Michelle Obama;
  • a certificate of recognition signed by the First Lady;
  • authorization to use the Preserve America logo in public outreach and promotional activities;
  • listing in a Web-based Preserve America Stewards directory;
  • publicity in the Preserve America e-newsletter.

Non-profit organizations, government entities (federal, state, local, or tribal), and businesses are eligible to seek designation for their programs.

From left, George Phillips, Public Lands Institute, UNLV; Kelly Turner, representing the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership; and BLM Director Bob Abbey

From left, George Phillips, Public Lands Institute, UNLV; Kelly Turner, representing the Southern Nevada Agency Partnership