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Learning Landscapes Spotlight Feature

BLM and the 2009 NAI National Workshop

BLM's exhibit booth at the 2009 NAI Workshop

At the 2009 National Association for Interpretation National Workshop,  held in Hartford, Connecticut, the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM)  booth was one of the first that the nearly 700 attendees saw as they entered the Exhibit Hall. BLM staff gave out sample interpretive materials and information about public lands. The Workshop's location meant that many of the visitors who were from the Northeast learned about BLM's National Landscape Conservation System for the first time. Interpreters who work with school groups were enthusiastic about the new Project Archaeology: Investigating Shelter curriculum, produced through a partnership between BLM and Montana State University.

BLM "Excellence" Award Winners

For the fourteenth consecutive year, BLM recognized outstanding BLM interpreters and environmental educators at the National Workshop. The “Excellence” Awards recognize outstanding BLM interpreters and educators for their work on employee-conducted programs.

The 2009 Gold Award winner was Elizabeth “Beth” Paragamian, Wildlife Education Specialist, Coeur d’Alene Field Office, ID.

Beth Paragamian and BLM Director Bob Abbey

The Silver Award winners were Connie Jacobs, Director, Missouri Breaks Interpretive Center, Ft. Benton, MT,

Connie Jacobs and BLM Director Bob Abbey

and Gregario “Nick” Teague, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Spokane District Office, WA.

Nick Teague and BLM Director Bob Abbey

Bureau of Land Management Director Bob Abbey presented the awards at a special Federal Agency awards ceremony.

The Director also presented a Departmental Honor Award for Superior Service to retiring BLM National Interpretive Lead Amy Galperin for her contributions to BLM programs in support of the Department’s mission.

Amy Galperin