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Redvale CCC Camp Introduction
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Redvale CCC Camp as it appeared in 1939

Redvale CCC CampRedvale CCC Camp

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The following people and organizations were involved in the documentation of the Redvale CCC Camp.

Project Funding: 

Bureau of Land Management, Dolores Public Lands Office/ San Juan Public Lands
State Historical Fund, Colorado Historical Fund
San Juan Mountains Association

Professional Acknowledgements:

John Horn -Alpine Archaeology, Inc., Montrose Colorado
Kristie Arrington - BLM San Juan Public Lands
Julie Coleman - BLM San Juan Public Lands
Ruth Lambert - San Juan Mountains Association
Vince MacMillan - BLM Dolores Public Lands
Jill Seyfarth - Cultural Resource Planning
Derrick Baldwin - BLM Division of Education, Interpretation, and Partnerships
Megg Heath - BLM Division of Education, Interpretation, and Partnerships

Volunteer Participants:

Kathe Hayes
Bill Hayes
Bonnie Hildebrand
Jamie Pickering
Patricia Pickering
Pam Wilson
Thurman Wilson

Rimrocker Historical Society:

Marie Templeton
Carol Legge

Photo Credits:

All historic photos are courtesy of the National Archieves.
* Not all historic photos are from the Redvale CCC Camp.

The Redvale Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp is one of the last vestiges of the CCC and their 1930s activities in Dry Creek Basin, Colorado. Today the camp is located on Bureau of Land Management public lands and serves as an unofficial campground and staging area for big game hunters each Fall. There are remnants of structure foundations, several concentrations of artifacts and some unusual stonework. All of these are in danger of being lost.

In the Summer of 2008 the San Juan Mountains Association in partnership with the BLM and with funding from the Colorado State Historical Fund used professional archaeologists and trained volunteers to document the Redvale CCC Camp. The goal of the project is to produce a comprehensive site assessment that includes historical documentation, archaeological site recordation, and recommendations for management and preservation of the site.          

For further insight into the project explore the video feature.

Last updated: 10-23-2009