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Glade Run Recreation Area
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Immediately north of Farmington, New Mexico.
The approximately 19,000 acres of public land within the Glade Run Recreation Area encompass diverse topography, from rolling hills to sandy arroyo bottoms to sandstone slickrock. Vegetation is sparse, primarily consisting of common grasses, rabbitbrush, sagebrush, junipers, and pinyons. There are 42 miles of marked trails for motorized trailbike riders and mountain bikers. A portion of the area is open to off-highway vehicle use and is used for a number of competitive rock crawling (off-road vehicles across rocks) events each year. Glade Run is the site of the Road Apple Rally, which is the oldest continuously-held mountain bike race in the world.
From Farmington, turn north off Pinon Hills Boulevard onto the main Glade Road and travel north approximately 1.5 miles to the off-road vehicle open area.
Visitor Activities
Motorcycling, trailbiking, all-terrain driving, off-road touring, mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding.
Special Features
The trail system affords spectacular, panoramic views of the Colorado mountains to the north and of Shiprock, a sacred Navajo “rock with wings” that rises 1,800 feet from the desert floor.
Permits, Fees, Limitations
A free BLM permit is required for overnight camping. Any competitive or commercial use also requires a permit. Check with BLM for applicable fees and other requirements.
Much of the area is wheelchair-accessible, although it tends to be rough and sandy. The single-track trails are too narrow for wheelchairs.
Camping and Lodging
A wide variety of lodging is available in Farmington.
Food and Supplies
Food and supplies are available in Farmington.
First Aid
There is no on-site first aid. The closest medical facilities are in Farmington.
Additional Information
The trail system is used year-round; however, occasional heavy rain or winter snows may make routes temporarily impassable. There are no water or restroom facilities within the Glade System. It is a multiple-use area, including recreational activities, oil and gas development, grazing, and private inholdings. Because there are multiple access points in the Glade Run Recreation Area, it is recommended that visitors secure a map of the marked trail system from BLM prior to visit ing. Color maps of the trail may be purchased at local bike shops. Visitors should respect other users and private property.
Contact Information
BLM - Farmington Field Office
1235 La Plata Highway, Suite A
Farmington, NM 87401
Tel: (505) 599-8900              

BLM New Mexico: Glade Run Recreation Area Map


Rock crawlers at an American Rock Crawling Association event watch a jeep maneuver its way up one of the trails within the Glade Run system.   (Richard Simmons, BLM Farmington Field Office)

Rock crawlers at an American Rock Crawling Association event watch a jeep maneuver its way up one of the trails within the Glade Run system.   (Richard Simmons, BLM Farmington Field Office)

Last updated: 10-23-2009