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Continental Divide National Scenic Trail
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The northern trailhead is 35 miles south of Lander, Wyoming.
The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail (CDNST) is a Congressionally-designated trail through the Rocky Mountain states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. The 3,100-mile trail extends from the Canadian border on the north to the Mexican border on the south, and provides access to some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain in the West. The 165-mile portion of the trail in Wyoming follows a combination of trails and primitive two-track roads, but also requires cross-country travel in some portions.
From Lander: Take U.S. Highway 287 south for 9 miles. Take U.S. Highway 28 south for another 24 miles. Turn left toward South Pass City (Fremont County Road 515) and proceed 2 miles to the town of South Pass City where the northern CDNST trailhead islocated.From Rawlins: Take State Highway 71 south for 10 miles, where it becomes Carbon County Road 401. Continue south for 25 miles to the southern trailhead location.On the northern end, the trail is in the southern Wind River Range (30 miles southwest of Lander); it then heads southeast through public lands into the Great Divide Basin before entering the Sierra Madre Range on the southern end (35 miles south of Rawlins).
Visitor Activities
Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and plant viewing.
Special Features
The CDNST crosses the Great Divide Basin in Wyoming. This geologic and hydrologic feature is unique in the United States. No streams flow out of the basin, meaning that the precipitation falling within it never reaches the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean. This austere and beautiful landscape is characterized by sagebrush and dry lakebeds, and supports a variety of wildlife such as elk, mule deer, pronghorn antelope, mountain lions, bobcats, raptors, and wild horses.
Permits, Fees, Limitations
Camping and Lodging
BLM campgrounds off the trail on the northern end are located near Atlantic City. On the southern end, a BLM campground is located 15 miles south of Rawlins. U.S. Forest Service campgrounds are located off the route at both the northern and southern ends of the trail.
Food and Supplies
Grocery and sporting goods stores are located in Lander and Rawlins(125 miles southeast of Lander). Restaurants are available in Lander, Rawlins and Atlantic City (30 miles south of Lander).
First Aid
Emergency first aid is available from local law enforcement. Hospitals are located in Lander and Rawlins.
Additional Information
Warm days and cool nights are to be expected in summer. Thunderstorms are common. In the spring and fall, snowstorms may occur. Winter storms can be severe. Winds are common throughout the year. The elevation ranges from 6,800–8,000 feet.
Contact Information
BLM - Lander Field Office
P.O. Box 589
1335 Main Street
Lander, WY 82520
Tel: (307) 332-8400              

Continental Divide National Scenic Trail Map

Hikers on the Continental Divide Trail

A llama carries the load as hikers traverse rugged Wyoming terrain on The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. (BLM )

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