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Oregon Trail Historic Reserve and Bonneville Point
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The Oregon Trail Historic Reserve is 13 miles east and Bonneville Point is 21 miles east of Boise, Idaho.
The Oregon Trail Historic Reserve and Bonneville Point offer travelers a snapshot of the past. They will see ruts carved more than 150 years ago by the wagon wheels of westbound emigrants on the Oregon Trail, learn how the city of Boise got its name, and discover how the trail influenced the growth and culture of the city. The Oregon Trail Historic Reserve provides trails for hiking and mountain biking. A mountain biking trail runs west from Bonneville Point to Discovery Park on the Boise River and eventually connects with the Boise Greenbelt System, a regional park system through the city of Boise.
Oregon Trail Historic Reserve: From Boise, follow Interstate 84 east 10 miles to Gowen Road (Exit 57). Follow Gowen Road (State Highway 21) east for 2.5 miles. Turn left on East Forest Lake Drive and follow it for 0.25 mile to the Oregon Trail Reserve. Bonneville Point: From Boise,travel east on Interstate 84 for 17 miles to Blacks Creek (Exit 64). Turn left onto Blacks Creek Road, drive about 3.5 miles, turn left at the sign marked “Historical Site,” and proceed for l mile to the Bonneville Point site.
Visitor Activities
Historic site, hiking, mountain biking, and interpretation.
Special Features
One of the main features at the Oregon Trail Historic Reserve is the Kelton Ramp, part of an old freight and stagecoach road built in the 1860s. This ramp greatly improved access to the Boise Valley, helping the city of Boise grow. Bonneville Point features outstanding panoramic views of the Boise Valley and the Snake River Plain.
Permits, Fees, Limitations
The Oregon Trail Historic Reserve has an accessible flush toilet. The Bonneville Point site can be accessed by wheelchair on a concrete sidewalk.
Camping and Lodging
No on-site camping is available. Lodging and camping are available in Boise.
Food and Supplies
Food and supplies are available in Boise.
First Aid
Two hospitals are located in Boise.
Additional Information
To make the trip more rewarding, visitors may wish to read the book Emigrant Trails of Southern Idaho, available from BLM. No restrooms or water are available at the Bonneville Point site.
Contact Information
BLM - Four Rivers Field Office
3948 Development Avenue
Boise, ID 83705
Tel: (208) 384-3300

Bonneville Point Map

Modern-day history buffs re-enact

Modern-day history buffs re-enact a portion of the pioneers’ westward
journey along an Idaho segment of the Oregon Trail.  

Last updated: 10-23-2009