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About the Authors
Carl Barna, historian, and Richard Brook, archaeologist, are actively involved with the Bureau of Land Management's cultural resources programs. Elizabeth Rieben is an education specialist with the BLM's Office of Environmental Education.

Special thanks to the Federal Railroad Administration, the Association of American Railroads, and to the following employees of the Department of the Interior: Brian Anderson, Rick Athearn, Stan Bales, Jeremy Brodie, Linda Brooks, Shelly Fischman, Glenn Foreman, Frank Hardt, Mary Hartel, Renee Johnson, Steve Kopach, Ray Leicht, Jim Muhn, Britta Nelson, Tim Nowak, Craig Rieben, Darrell Sanders, Shelley Smith, Dan Sokoloski, Mary Tisdale, Dave Traudt, Dan Webb, and Don Chase of the U.S. Department of the Interior Library
The authors also would like to thank the following people for their assistance with this article: Bill Printz, Lionel Buy and Sell, Kensington, Maryland; Bob Van Gelder, South River Modelworks, Conway, Massachusetts; Anne Calhoun and Alejandra Miranda-Naon, B & O Railroad Museum; Ron Hamilton, MilWest; John Harding, John Fitzpatrick and John Kern, Federal Railroad Administration; Carol Steckbeck and Mahlon Wilson, AAR; Barbara Dietsch, Cabin John Middle School, Potomac, Maryland; William Withuhn, Smithsonian Institution; Walter Gray and Wayne Breece, California Railroad Museum; Dale Martin; Robert Warren; Pat Kelly and Steven Taubenkibel, Amtrak Public Affairs.
And for the foldout activity, thanks to Steve Newman.

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