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Teaching Resources

Interpreted Paleontological Sites on Public Lands
Interpreted paleontological sites on public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management can be found in several states. No fossil collecting is allowed in these special areas so that all visitors may enjoy seeing the fossils.

Paleontology Loan Kits
The Bureau of Land Management offers paleontology kits to teachers in Colorado and Wyoming on a loan basis. For further information, teachers should contact the nearest BLM office (listed under U.S. Government in the telephone directory).

Limb bones of unidentified dinosaur from New Mexico

Limb bones from unidentified dinosaur from New Mexico
Keith Rigby, Jr., BLM

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From the Bureau of Land Management:
Robert King, Celia Boddington, Laurie Bryant, Rick Deery, Roger Haskins, and John Bebout.

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