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Photo of Mojave Desert - "A Place in the Sun"

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About the Authors

Acknowledgments and Photo Credits

References, Resources & Acknowledgments

Teacher Resources

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About the Authors and Artist

Bibi Booth, Elizabeth Rieben, and Elizabeth Wooster are Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Environmental Education Specialists; Richard Brook is a BLM Archaeologist; Shelly Fischman is a BLM Environmental Education Specialist.


The authors would like to express their appreciation to the following people for their assistance with this article: David Miller, U.S. Geological Survey; LaVonda Walton, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service; and our colleagues at the Bureau of Land Management: Jeff Aardahl, Kathy August, Brad Blomquist, Greg Gnesios, Bill Haigh, Gayle Marrs-Smith, Ron Montagna, Tim Rash, Judyth Reed, Tim Salt, Doran Sanchez, Sid Slone, Steve Smith, Rick Stamm, Alan Stein, and Dave Wolf.



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