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Project Learning Tree. An interdisciplinary environmental education program for PreK through 12th grade. Provides lesson plans, teacher workshops, and classroom materials. Information is available at http://www.plt.org.

About the Authors and Artist
Frances Philipek is an archaeologist in the BLM Salem (Oregon) Field Office; Shelley Smith is a resource manager in the BLM Utah State Office; Richard Brook is a BLM archaeologist in Washington, D.C.; and Shelly Fischman is a BLM environmental education specialist in Washington, D.C.

The authors would like to express their appreciation to Allen Gibbs (U.S. Forest Service) and Andy Moldenke (Oregon State University) for assistance in preparing this article and to our many colleagues at the Bureau of land Management:
Dan Averal, Bibi Booth, Jim Brende, Dave Cooper, Dan Couch, Ron Exeter, Jim Fisher, Steve Gobat, John Guetterman, Claire Hibler, Alan Hofftmeister, Doug Huntington, Kathy JoWall, Gregg Kirkpatrick, Clifford Ligons, Barbara Raible, Sue Richardson, Bruce Rittenbouse, Dan Schlottman, Peg Sorensen, Rick Stamm, John Stewart, Mary Tisdale, Van Waggoner, and Kathy Jo Wall.

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Last updated: 11-13-2009