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Credits and Acknowledgments


About the Authors 

Shelley Davis is the program manager for Environmental Education, Interpretation, Facilitation and Volunteers at the Bureau of Land Management's Idaho State Office. Brenda Lincoln Wojtanik is a public affairs specialist with the BLM's Oregon State Office and a member of the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project Extended Communication Team. Elizabeth Rieben is a national environmental education coordinator for the BLM.

For More Information

To learn more about the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP), visit the project's homepage at http://www.icbemp.gov or write to Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project, 304 North 8th St., Rm. 250, Boise, ID 83702; or 112 E. Poplar St., Walla Walla, WA 99362.


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Special thanks to Jerry Asher, Bibi Booth, Jay Carlson, John Craig, Lynn Danly, Gregg Dawson, Shelly Fischman, Karen Miranda Gleason, Martha Hahn, Mark Hilliard, Jennifer Jones, Julie Kaltenecker, Kathie Kershaw, Cal McCluskey, Melanie Miller, Karen Rice, Larry Ridenhour, Melinda Ritacco, Tom Roberts, Roger Rosentreter, Leslie Schwager, Don Smurthwaite, Allan Thomas, Todd Thompson, Mary Tisdale, and Jack Williams, all of the Bureau of Land Management; and Jack Seeley, BLM Volunteer. David Nolte, Trout Unlimited; Alan Sands, The Nature Conservancy; Jane Houston, Idaho State Library; Virgil Moore, Tom Rogers, and Jahn Gahl, Idaho Department of Fish and Game; Kathy Campbell, Michael (Sherm) Karl, Steven Kozel, John Sloan, Joan Suther, Rick Tholen, and Sue Tholen, Interior Columbia River Basin Ecosystem Management Project; Rich Howard, Dan Herrig, David Klinger, and Beth Ullenberg, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Michelle Youngquist, Idaho Project Learning Tree/Idaho Forest Products Commission; Dave Ware, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; Joan McShane, Stephen Wulfson, and Liz Paegel, National Science Teachers Association; Chuck Sams, Salmon Corps; and Lieb Kaminski, Earth Conservation Corps.
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