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Developing a Vision

The residents and land managers and special interests grappling with the future of the Colorado Plateau face a special problem because this region has no unifying structure or established way to address its collective issues.  The lands of the Plateau comprise the backyard of four states and are of interest to others for their potential recreational and economic contributions, but the Plateau is not the responsibility nor the principal interest of any state or regional governing organization.  The Bureau of Land Management states within the Plateau will complete a strategic vision document as a first step in developing community oriented regional ecosystem approach to address Plateau-wide issues.  A comprehensive land use initiative that includes federal, state and local governments and communities is needed.  It must be based on the principles of multiple use, community involvement, and best science. 


Spectacular and unique, the Colorado Plateau demands our best protective efforts.  Its magnificent rock formations, distant vistas, and varied plant and animal life are like no other on earth.  The opportunity to appreciate its beauty and its resources is a valuable legacy to present and future generations.




Last updated: 11-13-2009