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Key to Poster

Human Use of Caves

Bats and Caves


Karst and Nonkarst Watershed Models

Cave Creations

Bat Babies

Life in the Dark


Based on an article in
Science & Children Magazine,
Published by the National Science Teachers Association, October 2002

About the Authors and Artist

Bibi Booth, Shelly Fischman, and Betsy Wooster are Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Environmental Education Specialists; Richard Brook is a BLM Archaeologist; and Jim Goodbar is a BLM Cave Specialist.


The authors would like to express their appreciation to the following people for their assistance with this article: Pat Barker, Celia Boddington, Kevin Flynn, Mark Goldbach, Craig Harmon, Joelle McCarthy, Garth Portillo, Chris Ross, Stephanie Sironen, Gary Smith, Peg Sorensen, Fred Stabler, Brenda Wilkinson, all of BLM; and Barbara French of Bat Conservation International.

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