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About the Authors
Jeff Brune is the environmental education coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Alaska. Archaeologists Robert King, Mike Kunz, and Richard Brook are actively involved with the BLM's cultural resources programs. Mary Tisdale is the national coordinator for the BLM's environmental education and volunteer programs.

Special thanks to David Mech, National Biological Survey; Phil Garrett, Deputy Refuge Manager, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Fish and Wildlife Service; Susan Holly, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, National Park Service; Harvey Hefferman, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Fish and Wildlife Service; Frankie Barker, Executive Director, Alaska Natural History Association; Colleen Matt, Program Director of the Alaska Department of Fisheries and Game; Grant Spearman of the Simon Paneak Museum; and to the following employees of the Department of the Interior: Jeremy Brodie, Connie Adkins, Jeff Denton, Shelly Fischman, Mike Scott, Bruce Seppi, Jim Sisk, Van Waggoner, and the staff of the Department of the Interior library.

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The following booklets, developed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, are available for purchase: Alaska's Tundra and Wildlife ($13.95); Alaska's Forests and Wildlife ($13.95); Wildlife for the Future ($13.95); and Alaska's Ecology ($12.95). Each contains relevant background information, lesson plans, activity sheets, and interdisciplinary hands-on activities. Another booklet, Alaska Ecology Cards ($6.99), is required for some of the activities and contains 270 illustrated cards with biological information about arctic animals and plants. These materials can be ordered from Circumpolar Press, Box 221944, Anchorage, AK 99522; tel. 907-248-9921.

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