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California Coastal National Monument Trinidad Gateway

The California Coastal National Monument Trinidad Gateway is a spectacular outdoor classroom for students and the public. The Jacoby Creek Elementary School visited the Trinidad "Hands on the Land" educational site and we're highlighting their story.


The BLM managed California Coastal National Monument established a "Gateway" program to highlight areas of the monument where visitors, schools and others interested in the monument resources can come to learn more about monument resources.

The Hands on the Land site in Humboldt County, California, provides an incredible array of tidepool life accessible from the shore within a five minute walk of the Trinidad Elementary School. Thousands of seabirds nest on the rocks within site of the community and marine mammals use the rocks to haul out and rest. 

Using the California Coastal National Monument at their outdoor classroom, Jacoby Creek School students visited Trinidad a Hands on the Land educational site.


On their Trinidad Head hike they saw nesting Common Murres and Brown Pelicans. BLM wildlife biologists, David Anthon and Jesse Irwin set up spotting scopes for students to get a close up view of Flatiron Rock.


"This is some good nature!" said Peyton, on our walk.


Humboldt State University Marine Lab naturalists shared local animals who normally live in Trinidad Bay, but were captured for the students that morning (and returned alive and well to their homes in the afternoon).


First grade students had the opportunity to experience a University Marine Lab where college students research and study the ocean.

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