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Hands on the Land

Hands on the Land: America's Largest Classroom

Are you looking for new ways to increase your students' interest and achievement  in science, mathematics, and reading? Is student motivation suffering in your classroom? Why not consider taking your teaching outside? Studies have shown that using the environment as a learning tool not only increases student achievement but also helps students develop lifelong learning skills and a greater sense of respect and responsibility.

If this approach sounds intriguing, consider the Hands on the Land (HOL) program, which gives students an opportunity to learn in America's largest classroom—Federally owned public lands. The BLM has 57 Hands on the Land sites located throughout the country. HOL education programs are developed in partnership with local schools and communities in a way that can foster connections to nature, expose students to issues confronting 21st-century land managers, and meet identified standards of educational excellence. All while building a community of practice that shares resources and best practices.

To search for HOL sites near you visit the Hands on the Land website at or contact Derrick Baldwin.

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