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Meet the Players

Live from Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Studio Host: Sarah Spivey

Phoenix Studio Student Host: Ian Davis, Chandler High School, Chandler, Arizona

Mark Hilliard is a wildlife biologist with BLM's national wildlife group stationed in Idaho.

George Buckner is a BLM wildlife biologist stationed in Portland, Oregon.

Amber Munig is a wildlife biologist from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Her studies with pronghorn antelope and other wildlife often involve the use of radio telemetry.

Phoenix Studio Audience
Dan Schindele's 8th Grade Class, Akimel A-al Middle School, Phoenix, Arizona

Marge Dillon's 6th Grade Class, Alta Vista School, Phoenix, Arizona

Student Reporters
Hoku Donovan-Smith, Monte Del Sol Charter School, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ryan French, Berendo Middle School, Roswell, New Mexico.

From Colorado
Matt Vasquez, co-leader of the project and a graduate of Western State College of Colorado. Matt received a B.A. in Ecology and Environmental Biology in 2002.

John Stanek, co-leader of the project and a senior at Western State College of Colorado. John is majoring in Ecology and Environmental Biology.

Sarah Barkman-Berndt, a junior at Western State College of Colorado. Sarah's major is also Ecology and Environmental Biology.

Mary Oswald, a graduate of Western State College of Colorado. Mary earned her B.A. in Ecology and Environmental Biology in 2003.

From New Mexico

Rand French is a wildlife biologist for the BLM's field office in Roswell, New Mexico.

Luke Bell is a graduate student working on a master's degree in range ecology at Oklahoma State University.

From Nevada
Kim Toulouse, Nevada Department of Wildlife

Broadcast Credits

Produced by the Bureau of Land Management:
National Training Center and the Environmental Education and Volunteers Group

We would like to thank the following groups and individuals for donating time, talent and/or photographs to this project:
Arizona Game and Fish Department
Digital Visions Video Productions
ESRI GIS and Mapping Software
Leapfrog Productions
Nevada Department of Wildlife
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
North American Grouse Partnership
U.S. Geological Survey
Western State College of Gunnison, Colorado

Photo Credits
Thomas Ager
Robert E. Bennetts
Nathan A. Burkepile
Kent L. Christopher
Hubert E. Quade
Michael A. Schroeder

Last updated: 10-23-2009