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On Location

An electronic field trip is a distance learning event. It allows students to see and interact with people and environments that are far away at virtually no cost to the school. In this case, the field trip will take students to several locations:

  • Nevada, where a team of researchers captures sage-grouse and fits them with tracking devices;
  • New Mexico, where scientists are using advanced technology to help them understand the habitat of the lesser prairie chicken;
  • Gunnison, Colorado, where students and recent graduates of Western State College of Colorado are doing some very interesting research on the winter habitat of the Gunnison sage-grouse.

This is all done through a live satellite television broadcast.

This 60-minute instructional program supports specific learning objectives and national education standards. While geared for the middle school student, the broadcast should be of educational value and interest to students at all levels of learning.

A question-and-answer period during the broadcast will provide students with the opportunity to interact with scientists via phone and fax.


Last updated: 10-23-2009