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About the Broadcast

Latest Update:For those without a C-Band Satellite Dish, the morning show will also be available on the Satellite Cable TV provider DISH Network through the cable channel University House. This channel shows up to people with DISH Network on almost all channel packages as cable channel 9411. For more information and viewing times, you can also visit the website for University House at: www.universityhouse.nau.edu. Morning Show Available on DISH Network


The one-hour show is designed to help viewers better understand habitats and the changes that affect them. It will be broadcast live from the BLM National Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona,
Students attend live satellite broadcast in BLM's Phoenix studio.
Students from Phoenix, Arizona, schools participate in the broadcast audience. Your school can interact via phone or fax.
and will take you to several locations where land managers are struggling to balance the habitat needs of wildlife with a variety of human needs. In the "sagebrush country" of northern Nevada, for instance, the sage-grouse is being studied in an effort to develop a conservation strategy not only for this species but for its habitat.

While geared for the middle school student, the broadcast will be of educational value and interest to students at all levels of learning.

The main host of our show is Sarah Spivey. The student host will be Ian Davis, a senior at Chandler High School in Chandler Arizona.

A question-and-answer period during the broadcast will provide students with the opportunity to interact with wildlife biologists and other scientists via phone and fax.


Thursday, March 4, 2004
The broadcast will be shown twice: 11:00 am and 1:30 pm EST
(9:00 am and 11:30 am Mountain Time)

How to Participate in the Program

Anyone with a C-band satellite dish can participate in the program. You will need access to the satellite receiver, a monitor, and—if you want to tape the show for future use—a videotape recorder.

Satellite Downlink Information - Both Telecasts

C-BandGalaxy 3
or G-3"
95-degrees W 2Vertical3740 MHz

Select this link for detailed technical information on satellite coordinates and time zone references. For help with reception on the day of the broadcast, call the Satellite Help Hot Line at (602) 906-5629.

There are no restrictions on rebroadcasting. For interactive participation, you will need either a phone or fax machine.

During the telecast students and teachers may phone in questions toll free:
Call-in Number - 1-(877) 862-5346
Sites in the Greater Phoenix Area should use (602) 943-2279

Student questions will also be accepted by fax:
FAX Numbers - (602) 906-5701 and 906-5702 (Caller Pays)

If You Don't Have a Satellite Dish

Many cable companies, school systems, school districts, district or regional media centers, or State educational television stations have access to a C-band satellite dish and may be able to provide your classroom with the program through an internal cable channel. Check with them early. You will need to provide the satellite coordinates (above).

Television Receiver

Plan your setup before the day of the event. Check the technical information page for the satellite coordinates. Tune in the satellite and make sure you can receive the satellite listed. Check to see that all other equipment is working properly. You may want to use more than one television depending on the number of viewers. For large groups, a projection TV is recommended.

Plan to Interact with Us

Make sure you are ready to participate via phone or fax. Check all equipment the day before the event. Place the phone in the back of the room away from the TV. An operator will answer your phone call. When the operator indicates that you are live on the air, turn your television volume down to avoid feedback. Wait for the host to ask for your question. Make each question as clear and brief as possible, and ask one question at a time.

Videotaping the Broadcast

If you are unable to view the live broadcast, we encourage you to tape and use the program in future lessons. You may also rebroadcast this program over the school cable system. We will have a limited number of copies available for schools that are unable to tape the broadcast. Contact us through our website to obtain a copy.

Last updated: 10-23-2009