Learn From the Pros

If you're ready to learn some professional archaeological or paleontological techniques, a field school might be just the ticket. Enthusiasm, curiosity, and a sense of adventure are often the only prerequisites!

 Photo of volunteer with artifact.PASSPORT IN TIME

Passport in Time (PIT) is a volunteer archaeology and historic preservation program of the USDA Forest Service (FS). Volunteers work with professional archaeologists and historians on projects including archaeological excavation, rock art restoration surveys, archival research historic structure restoration, gathering of oral histories, and writing interpretive brochures.



Fragile! Take Care

Archaeological, historic, and fossil sites are among the most fragile resources on the public lands.  As you visit these sites, follow the principles of "Leave No Trace" and Tread Lightly!": Don't touch, don't trample, don't sample, don't remove.  Let photos, drawings, and good memories by the only souvenirs of your visits to the past.  For more information, visit Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly!