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Public lands offer a wide array of educational opportunities. Discover materials to enliven your lesson plans. Learn about outdoor classroom opportunities.  Take your students outside “virtually.”
Students participating in educational activities on BLM lands

Classroom Investigations

Classroom Investigation: Native Plants

Two new teaching guides for teachers are being released this spring: Native Plants focuses on the importance of native plants, how they are threatened, and factors in land use decisions. To download a copy, select this link.

Wilderness: The 16-page booklet uses the words of the Wilderness Act and Howard Zahniser, who was the act's main author, to explore what wilderness means and why it is important.  Students are asked to imagine they are in the middle of a wilderness area and what they would see and hear, To download a copy, select this link.

Outdoor Classrooms

Hands on the Land provides a national network of field classrooms to enhance kindergarten through high school student-learning.  More>>


Database of Classroom Activities

These classroom activities are taken from a variety of BLM-produced materials, such as posters, magazine articles and education guides (so they may appear elsewhere on this website). They cover a range of topics from science to social studies and math. Our online database makes finding activities easy!. More>>

Electronic Fieldtrips

Web-based programs feature three segments: a "virtual visit";
an "Ask the Experts" segment in which BLM specialists answer student questions online; and a student journal, which allows educators to assess student learning. More>>

Teaching Resources

Enhance lesson plans and enliven classrooms with these resources. From traveling trunks to websites to classroom activities, we've listed the best of BLM's education resources at this one site.  More>>

Professional Development

BLM works with a variety of partners to offer professional development opportunities for teachers. Covering such topics as archaeology, fire ecology, energy on public lands and more, teacher workshops provide educators with background information, new tools, and resources that can be incorporated into lesson plans for all grade levels.  More>>




Updated Content

Energy on the Public Lands: Updated in 2014,  this teaching guide provides background information, graphic organizers, cooperative learning activities, and a method for evaluating student work. Produced by the National Energy Edudcaiton Development Project in partnership with the BLM. Download.

Walk on the Wild Side:  Fourth printing of this BLM best-seller is packed with fun facts and activities about the many things the BLM does to protect public lands. Topics for kids include managing minerals and energy resources; preserving historic sites; conserving plants and wildlife; and protecting wilderness areas.  With lots of activities.  Download