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A New View of the Public Lands

Artists look closely at the way the world works, notice things that others may miss, challenge ideas, experiment, and create new ways to perceive the world. The BLM's Artist-in-Residence participants are encouraged to use these skills in depicting the variety of cultural and natural resources on BLM lands, including historic structures, artifacts, cultural landscapes, geologic features, and plant and animal life. These artists "translate" the resources--the heart of BLM's mission--into images, objects, and performances that bring others enjoyment and a deeper understanding of the public lands.  To view a showcase of previous art, select this link.

Artist-in-Residence Sites

The BLM national AiR program includes residencies at a variety of locations in western states. Yearly program availability depends on interest, program funding, and available site staff. Several sites are accepting applications.  For details, select this link.

Artist-in-Residence Posters Available

Artist-in-Residence posters can be ordered directly from the BLM's  Printed Materials Distribution Services, (303) 236-7639. Below is an image of the 2014 poster "A Brueneau-Jarbidge Rivers Wilderness, Idaho Triptych" by JanyRae Seda. Six other posters in the series feature different western locations.

For information on the posters, select this link.

2014 Artist-in-Residnce National Poster