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Walk on the Wild Side: Explore Your Public Lands

More than 600 million of acres of land in this country are public lands. This means it is land that belongs to the American people. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages more than 245 million acres of public land for the use and enjoyment of all of us, now and in the future.

Walk on the Wild Side is packed with fun facts and activities about the many things the BLM does to protect public lands. The BLM’s job is to manage this land for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Managing minerals and energy resources we use every day
  • Preserving historic sites and archaeological treasures
  • Conserving thousands of species of plants, fish, and wildlife
  • Providing outstanding recreational opportunities
  • Managing the wild horses and burros that live there
  • Protecting wilderness areas and beautiful landscapes.

We hope you enjoy learning about the BLM, and we invite you and your family to explore your public lands!

To download this booklet, you will need

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Walk on the Wild Side Activity Book

Now in its 4th Printing!  Walk on the Wild Side is one of BLM's most popular educational booklets. We've updated it with the latest information on things to do, wildlife, wild horses, dinosaurs, and renewable energy. To download the entire booklet, click here or on the cover above. To download individual pages and activities, click on some of the links on the right.


To Teachers and Parents

America's Public Lands
Activity: Map Talk

What Can You See?
Activity: I Spy Scramble

What Can You Do?
Activity: Just Imagine

Silent Invaders (Weeds)
Activity: Where's Weedo?

Burning Point (Wildfires)
Activity: Little House Near the Wildlands

On the Edge
Activity: Down by the Riverside

Forest Keepers (Wildlife)
Activity: Finding Forest Friends

Creature Feature (Wildlife)
Activity: Habitat Match-up

Horsing Around (Wild Horses and Burros)
Activity: Mustang Roundup

Riches from the Earth (Minerals)
Activity: Minerals Match

Secret Chambers (Caves)
Activity: Cave Pictionary

Paleopuzzles (Dinosaurs)
Activity: Boneyard Mystery

Time Travel (Archaeology)
Activity: The Past: Can You Dig It?

The Big Squeeze (Using Public Lands)
Activity: Climbing the Chart

The Big Picture (Watersheds)
Activity: Making Connections

Help Wanted (Careers in Public Lands)
Activity: Career Fair

Doing Your Part (Ethics)
Activity: Leave No Trace

Answers to Activity Pages.