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Welcome Junior Rangers and Explorers!

On this page you can find activity books about interesting places, people, and things. Are you interested in fossils? Do you like rocks? How about pioneer trails? Check them out and join the adventure.

Many BLM sites have activity booklets for kids. We've also created some booklets on special topics, like geology, native plants, and wild horses. You can do the activities on your own, or you can invite a brother or sister, your parents, or a friend to join the adventure with you. Have fun and good luck!









New Mexico





National Topics

Junior Ecxplorer: Native PlantsWild Horses and Burros Junior ExplorerGeology and Fossils Junior Explorer Wildlife & Habitat
This Junior Ranger booklet, Native Plants, digs into native plant communities on public lands and how the BLM can protect and restore them.Wild Horses and Burros Junior Ranger Activity Book focuses on how they became living symbols of the American West.

This "Geology and Fossils" activity book explores rocks and minerals. Find fun facts and activities about geology and fossils.

Wildlife and Habitat explores the diverse habitats on BLM lands. Includes puzzles, activities, and engaging art. Covers creatures such as the pronghorn and desert tortoise.

Wilderness            Arizona

Wilderness Explorer

The Wilderness Explorer is an updated version of activity book done for the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act.

Arizona BLM's Desert Fishes Activity Guide describes fish species in the southwest that are threatened or endangered.

The Arizonal National Scenic Trail Junior Explorer Handbook explores the 800-mile trail that connects desert, mountains, forests, and people.

The Vermilion Cliffs Junior Explorer covers a National Monument with sandstone buttes, the Paria River, and sandy plateaus.

Junior Ranger Handbook Gila Box NCA


Agua Fria National Monument Junior Ranger Handbook -- 20 page colorful activity guide features natural and cultural resources of the desert landscape. 


Gila Box Riparian National Conservation Area Junior Ranger Handbook -- Natural and cultural resources along the Gila River and the deep Gila Box canyon.

Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument Junior Ranger Handbook --Joint project with National Park Service covers plants and animals as well as the history of the monument.



California's Carrizo Plain Junior Explorer Field Guide focues on the history and natural resources of the Carrizo Plain National Monument.

The California Coastal Junior Explorer describes the unique wildlife and ecosystems of the rocky coast of California.

The Fort Ord Activity Guide covers the wildlife, native plants, and culture of this historic fort alond the California coast.

California BLM's Headwaters Forest Reserve Junior Explorer is 34 pages, full color, and is loaded with exciting activities.

Piedras Blancas activity guide  
California's Piedras Blancas Lighthouse has done an activity guide.El Mirage OHV Area Junior Ranger Activity Guide-- BLM's Barstow Field Office has created an activity guide that focuses on safe use of off highway vehicles.  


High Desert and Canyon Country Guide Archaeology Junior Explorer

Explore seven sites along the Gold Belt Tour National Scenic Byway, which is named for Colorado’s rich mining history. But these rocks have more than just gold to offer! Learn what rocks and fossils tell us about the Earth's past.

Colorado High Desert and Canyon Country Activity Booklet includes activities at sites managed by the BLM Grand Junction Field Office: McInnis Canyons and Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area.

The Alpine Loop in western Colorado is a rugged mountain region that is rich in history. Native Americans came to these mountains for centuries to hunt and gather food.

Junior Explorer Archaeology --Canyons of the Ancients National Monument - 12-page booklet about the Anasazi Heritage Center.


Sally Sage-Grouse Junior Explorer
Sally Sage-Grouse Explores Idaho takes kids on a bird's-eye tour of Idaho through Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.Raptor Quest includes activities at the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Monument.

Discover the Malm Gulch Petrified Forest from the BLM Challis Field Office, investigates an ancient forest.

BLM's Pocatello Field Office has developed its own Junior Explorer to cover a variety of things to do.

Junior Explorer Trekking Volcaoes in Eastern IdahoDiscover the Clearwater River 
Trekking Volcanoes in Idaho is focused on the volcanic lands of Eastern Idaho.

Adventures In Wilson Butte Cave describes a cave in south central Idaho that was used by humans 10,000 to 15,000 years ago

Discover the Clearwater River examines the history of this legendary Idaho river and includes information on fishing fun.




Upper Missour River Breaks Monument Explorer  
Track down the "Monument Junior Explorer" activity book at the Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center and start your adventure!River Explorer Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument -- Kids guide to safe fun on the Upper Missouri River. Produced by the Interpretive Center.  

New Mexico

Organ Mountains - Dripping Springs Junior ExplorerKasha Katuwe National Monument Junior Explorer 
Organ Mountains/Dripping Springs Junior Explorer is from the Las Cruces Field Office.New Mexico's Kasha-Kateuwe National Monument has created a Junior Explorer booklet.

The Socorro Nature Area Trail and Activities Guide, is a kids' guide to the Rio Grande bosque, a cottonwood-willow ecosystem along the Rio Grande.



California Trai (Elko, NV)l Interp Center Junior ExplorerJunior Explorer Elko DistrictRed Rock Canyon Junior Explorer
California Trail Interpretive Center in Elko, Nevada, has developed an activity book focusing on the historic trails in the area.Junior Explorer Elko District BLM describes the lands and resources in northeastern Nevada.

Junior Explorer Discovery Book of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, NV, explores the Mojave Desert.

The Nevada Adventure Book includes activities all over the state.

Red Rock Canyon Junior Ranger Discovery Book   

Junior Ranger Discovery Book-- Earlier version of the activity book for the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area -- 24 page interactive booklet about the Conservation Area and the Mojave Desert.



Fishermen's Bend Junior Explorer
Fishermens Bend, Oregon Junior Explorer explores nature in the forests of Western Oregon.Junior Prospector from the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center takes kids bakck in time to the days of the gold rush in Eastern Oregon.

Pioneer Wagon Master--National Historic Trails Interpretive Center, Oregon--is an updated version of a popular program on historic trails.

San Juan Islands National Monument Activity Book features Orca Whales, Sea lions, and local history in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Trail Junior Pioneer 
The Table Rocks in Oregon are part of a National Monument.Complete the activities in the "Junior Pioneer Book" and become a wagon master! Junior Naturalist -- Guide to natural sites and animals along the Oregon Trail Route (new version updated 2013). 




John Jarvie Junior ExplorerJurassic Explorer Activity Guide Pioneer Program Activity Book
The John Jarvie Ranch Historic Site in Brown's Park, Utah, is a protected archaeological site with a great program for kids.Plan a trip to the quarry, grab a "Jurassic Explorer" activity book, and become a Jurassic Explorer for the day! Click here to learn more about Wyoming's Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.


The Pioneer Program of the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center in Casper, Wyoming focuses on the western trail heritage in Wyoming.