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Rangelands, forests, deserts, canyons, rivers, tundra: BLM manages more fish and wildlife habitat than any other federal land manager. All sorts of animals can be found in BLM's 245 million acres–from microscopic soil creatures to bears and bison. Whether you’re interested in the science of wildlife or wildlife-related recreation, check out these links to learn more about the "wild side" of BLM lands.


State Pages

Arizona - Wildlife Management Program
Information about wildlife habitat and species in Arizona and a link to Watchable Wildlife areas in the state.

California - Wildlife and Fisheries Program
Links to information about specific wildlife species in California and to list of Watchable Wildlife sites in the state.

Colorado - Recreation Program
Links to fishing, hunting, and wildlife watching locations in Colorado.

New Mexico - Recreation Program
Links to fishing, hunting, and wildlife watching locations in New Meixco.

Wyoming - Wildlife and Habitat Management Program
Links to biological assessment documents on a variety of Wyoming wildlife species.

Wyoming Recreational Fishing Opportunities  
Information on 140 trout fisheries in Wyoming, including clickable map with specific site details.


Soil Biological Communities
Introduction to soil, one of our most basic resources, and to the many life forms that can be found there.
For adults
"Just for kids"

Alaska: A Newly Discovered Population of Arctic Char in Alaska
A report on a newly discovered species of fish found in lakes of the Kigluaik Mountains in Alaska.

California: Status of Science on Peninsular Bighorn Sheep
A review of actions that support peninsular bighorn sheep recovery near Palm Springs, California.

California: Mojave Desert Tortoise
Information on the life history and habitat of this threatened species.

California: West Mojave Habitat Conservation Plan Species Accounts
Biologists reports on threatened and endangered species included in the West Mojave Desert Conservation Plan; includes links to plants, mammals, birds, as well as reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

Wildlife in Northwest Colorado
Includes report on the reintroduction of the black-footed ferret to Colorado and Utah with information on their life cycle and their history in the west as well as a photo gallery.

Utah: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Fish & Wildlife