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Rivers and Riparian Areas

Rivers on BLM lands have served as important transportation routes for centuries, and many continue to offer excellent adventures to modern travelers. They are also, of course, vital to fish and wildlife. In arid areas of the west, riparian areas—those green strips of land alongside rivers and streams—are especially important. 



National Wild and Scenic Rivers
Wild and scenic rivers are designated to protect outstanding scenic, recreational, wildlife, cultural, or other values and to preserve the river or river section in its free-flowing condition. BLM manages more than 2,000 miles of wild and scenic rivers in the West.

Alaska Rivers
Information on and links to recreation opportunities on six wild rivers in Alaska.

Idaho Rivers
Links to boating guides on some of the more than 1,000 miles of rivers that BLM manages in Idaho.

New Mexico Boating
Information on a variety of boating opportunities on New Mexico rivers and links to specific BLM-managed rivers in the state.

Oregon Wild and Scenic Rivers
BLM manages portions of 38 wild and scenic rivers in Oregon; site includes links to several of the more popular recreational rivers.

River Running in Utah
From flat water to big rapids, Utah rivers managed by BLM provide a variety of recreational opportunities.

Riparian Areas
Holding onto the GREEN Zone
A youth program for the study and stewardship of community riparian areas; includes a Student Action Guide and Leader Guide.

National Riparian Service Team
Interagency team working with a broad network of concerned citizens to promote cooperative riparian restoration; site includes background information as well as links to training and reference materials and a calendar of local and national events.

Riparian areas provide critical habitat, especially in arid areas of the West. Arizona’s two Riparian National Conservation Areas reflect the importance of these ecosystems: