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Rangelands and Grazing

BLM's western rangelands are vast, grassy/scrub areas used as habitat by wild horses, burros, and a variety of wildlife, as well as for livestock grazing and a range of recreational pursuits. Such competing interests sometimes create user conflicts which, along with rangeland health, must be addressed by sound land management policies and guidelines, as provided by many of the following websites. Please also visit the web pages listed in other rangeland-related topics such as wild horses and burros, soils, riparian areas, and invasive species.


Grazing on Public Lands
Fact sheet and background information on BLM’s management of livestock grazing.

Arizona - Grazing and Rangeland Management  

Alaska - Reindeer Grazing 
Information on reindeer herding by Alaska Native Peoples and background on reindeer.

California - Grazing Program
Information on standards and guidelines for livestock grazing in northern and central California. 

Colorado - Grazing and Rangeland Management Program
Background on Colorado rangeland and links to field office grazing permit and assessment information.

Montana - Grazing Program
Standards for rangeland health and guidelines for livestock grazing management in Montana.

Nevada - Grazing Program
Information about grazing allotments on Nevada’s 45 million acres of public rangelands, as well as background on the history of public land grazing and a rangeland program glossary.

Wyoming - Grazing Program
Links to standards for healthy rangelands in Wyoming and to field office reviews and watershed assessments.