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You've probably seen plenty of dramatic photos and videos showing trees, shrubs, or grasslands ablaze. But did you know that — technically — the plants themselves aren't really on fire? What you see burning is the gas that is produced by wood or other fuel when heat is applied. And in spite of the frightening reputation of this powerful force of nature, wildland fire is actually necessary to the health of many ecosystems, and can be one of a land manager's most helpful tools. If these fire facts have ignited your curiosity and you want to find out more, check out these fire websites.


BLM Fire and Aviation
BLM fire policy and research gateway; includes information on firefighter safety and training, collaboration among firefighting organizations, air vehicles used in firefighting, and fuels management.

National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
The ultimate "go to" site for information on wildland fires, how they're controlled, and how to protect homes and property; includes current fire and weather information, definitions of scientific terms, statistics, description of the Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, and links to Federal agency fire program websites and other sources of information including prevention and education.

Healthy Forests and Rangelands
A cooperative effort between the U.S. Department of the Interior, the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and their land management agencies, this website is a portal to information about the National Fire Plan, Healthy Forests Initiative, and related initiatives; includes information on fire, fuels, and land management.

Interagency information on protection from wildfire for people who live or vacation in fire-prone areas of North America; includes "Firewise for Educators."

Share the Adventure! Exploring Wildland Fire
Describes satellite broadcast on the science behind the news of wildfires. Includes background information and educator's guide.

Fire in Wildhorse Basin
Case study of the Wildhorse Basin in Wyoming; includes description of the sage/juniper habitat, the mule deer, and the sage grouse as well as activities on prescribed burning and wildfire.

Fire's Role in Ecosystems: A Hot Topic
Web-based interactive program on the role of wildland fire in ecosystems. Includes student questions and answers from BLM fire specialists.