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Dinosaurs and Paleontology

The word "dinosaur" is derived from the Greek words for "terrible lizard." BLM's western and Alaskan lands are among the world's very best outdoor laboratories for studying the fossilized remains of these fascinating creatures, as well as other animal and plant life from hundreds of millions of years ago. Fossilized bones of one of the world's largest known dinosaur species — the 120-foot-long Seismosaurus, or "Earth shaker" — were found on public lands in New Mexico. In fact, many of the fossils you see in Amierica's premier natural history museums were discovered on America's public lands, and new specimens are unearthed every day. The links below will enable you to take a virtual field trip to a dinosaur excavation, communicate with BLM paleontologists, and learn about ancient fossil beds.


National Pages

Share the Adventure! Discovering Dinosaurs
A virtual field trip to the excavation of a fossil hadrosaur in Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, including a downloadable educator's guide and field trip journal.

BLM Resource Explorer Mike Leschin
Information on BLM geologist Mike Leschin and his work at Utah's Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry National Natural Landmark.

BLM Resource Explorer Neffra Matthews
Information on BLM geographer Neffra Matthews and the use of technology in the study of dinosaur tracks in Wyoming.

Set in Stone
Science & Children article dealing with the evolution of the field of paleontology and the importance of fossils; includes classroom activities.

Fossil Resources on Public Lands 
Information and teacher resources on archaeology and paleontology, including links to historic preservation organizations, professional associations, and cooperating agencies. 

State and Field Office Pages 

Alaska - Dinosaurs on Alaska's North Slope
Information on dinosaurs that once roamed the north slope of Alaska's Brooks Range and elsewhere in Alaska.

New Mexico - Paleontology on New Mexico Public Lands
Includes "Ask the Paleontologist" feature, paleontological data base, and information on past excavations.

Utah - Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Paleontology Program
Paleontology news from BLM's first national monument; includes research guidelines and collecting information.

Utah - Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
Information on one of the richest deposits of dinosaur bones in the nation and ongoing excavation activities.

Wyoming - Red Gulch Dinosaur Tracksite
Extensive background on the discovery and significance of rare fossil dinosaur footprints on Wyoming public lands.