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The vast public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management feature some of the most significant and spectacular evidence of the 10,000+ years of human prehistory in the western United States and Alaska. Long-abandoned archaeological sites offer important insights into the ways in which human activities and the environment have been linked together through time, and how seemingly minor cultural practices can contribute to substantial environmental change. Discovering, studying, and understanding the evidence of past human influences provide us with important lessons about how we should be using our lands today. From beautiful petroglyphs (rock art) to a Paleoindian hunting lookout in Alaska, our archaeology pages offer a wealth of information for anyone interested in our human past.



BLM Cultural Heritage and Fossil Resources
Information and teacher resources on archaeology and paleontology, including links to historic preservation organizations, professional associations, and cooperating agencies

Fossil Collecting on BLM Lands 
The do's and don't's of collecting on BLM lands

Colorado - Anasazi Heritage Center
Information and educational resources on the Anasazi people of the Four Corners region, the unique BLM museum dedicated to their culture, and specific BLM-managed archaeological sites in Colorado

Colorado - Canyons of the Ancients National Monument
Information on the background and management of a monument designated for its high concentration of Four Corners archaeological sites; includes Monument map

Montana - Billings Curation Center
Information on collection sites and artifacts housed by this repository for cultural resources from BLM properties in Montana and the Dakotas

Project Archaeology
Description of program, resources, and teacher materials 

Specific Archaeological Sites/People

"Environmental Technology is an Ancient Science: The Hupobi Heritage Project" 
Science & Children article that discusses the agricultural technology of a people who lived in New Mexico five hundred years ago

"Mystery of the Mesa"
Science & Children article that discusses the discovery and significance of 12,000-year-old spearpoints on a mesa in Alaska's remote northern slope

"Science in Process: Discovering the Past at Santa Cruz"
Science & Children article describing the history and technology of Arizona?s Presidio of Santa Cruz de Terrenate

California - Calico Early Man Site
Description of the discovery and significance of primitive stone tools found at a site that was the only New World project undertaken by famed archaeologist Louis Leakey

New Mexico - "Of Stones and Stories: Pueblitos of Dinetah"
Describes the turbulent years between 1500 and 1800 AD, when the worlds of the Navajo, Spanish, and Pueblo peoples intersected