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You might be wondering what to look for when you're searching for dinosaur fossils. Can you find them in your own backyard? If you find a bone, how can you tell what species of animal it's from? Or how old? How about if you live in or near a city — are you allowed to dig? What should you do if you see a bone, or even a large footprint? These and other questions may come to you as you think about the mysteries of a place as unique — and remote — as Utah's Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

Or maybe you have questions about what life was like 140 million years ago, or why dinosaurs died out, or the important scientific work taking place at Cleveland-Lloyd. What kinds of people conduct work on animals that have been extinct for so long? How many more bones are out there at Cleveland-Lloyd? If you discover a new type of dinosaur, are you allowed to name it after yourself?

So just close your eyes and imagine yourself in the dusty rocks surrounding the final resting place of some of the most ferocious creatures the world has ever known. Then let curiosity be your guide, and fire away — Explorer Mike Leschin will be happy to help!

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