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The Mystery of the Pony Express

The Pony Express Rides Again

Every year the National Pony Express Association (NPEA) conducts a Re-Ride over the 1,966 mile route of the Pony Express National Historic Trail. The event commemorates the accomplishments of the Pony Express. It also recognizes the Pony Express history preserved in the National Historic Trail, in museums, Pony Rider monuments, books, and other sites. Over 500 riders and horses take part in the 10 day, round the clock event.

The 2010 Re-Ride commemorated the 150 th anniversary of the Pony Express and traveled from California to Missouri, on June 6 to 26, 2010. To celebrate this occasion, the 2010 Re-Ride took place only during daylight hours in most places. This gave the local Divisions of the NPEA, other entities, and communities a chance to hold a commemorative event.

Each of the eight "Pony Express" states (California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri) celebrated 150 th Anniversary of the Pony Express with events of their own.


For information on the 2011 Re-Ride visit the NPEA web page.

Illustration of a Pony Express Rider

BLM Videos

View videos from the Annual Pony Express Re-Ride across Utah's Pony Express Trail National Backcountry Byway.