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Stay Out....Stay Alive!
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Cabin: Animas Forks, Colorado
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Stay Out...Stay Alive!

So what should you do when you visit ghost towns? Besides having a good time and taking photographs, be sure to watch your step! Be aware of old, broken, and rotting timbers. Be alert of the circumstances and dangers before you go into, through, between, among or around old buildings. Above all, never go underground-basements and cellars found in ghost towns are extremely dangerous!

Many ghost towns are near old mines. Some mine shafts are hard to see because they are covered by overgrown vegetation. You can come upon some of them without warning. The shafts of those old mines may seem tempting to explore, but stay out! They can be deadly. Poisonous snakes and insects, toxic gases, rotten boards and timbers, and unused explosives can all be found inside abandoned mines. Walls can cave in and trap people inside. If you stay out of mine shafts, you'll stay alive!

There are lots of cool things to explore around ghost towns. Have fun, but above all, be careful!

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