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Miner's Delight, Wyoming
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Mysterious Discovery at Miner's Delight

Hamilton City, located in what is now the state of Wyoming, was renamed Miner’s Delight. “Why,” you ask? It was changed due to the discovery of a golden lode, or rock that has valuable metal in it, on the ridge above the town. The true history behind the discovery is rather clouded, as there seems to have been two explorers.

In 1869, a man named William Jones was chasing his cows through the area when he came upon some quartz that had gold flecks in it. He figured that because of the remote location no one else would find it. So he continued on and gathered all his stray cows. When he returned to the site, other men were working in the area. They did not believe his story and they ran him off.

The other story is not as colorful. Jonathan Pugh said he found the lode. He described a quartz ridge above the town with many gold nuggets embedded in it. Since Pugh was listed as one of the original founders of the lode, his story may be the more truthful.

You be the judge – which story do you like best?

Miner's Delight: Cabin Stabalization Work

Miner's Delight is now a recreation area. The Bureau of Land Management takes care of the ghost town. BLM saved some of the old log buildings, and replaced some of the rotten logs. Archaeologists have excavated around some of the cabins. Experts have done drawings and taken photos to document the buildings. BLM cares for Miner's Delight so that people like you can still visit it today.

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