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Projectile Points
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What is a Projectile Point Anyway!

Commonly called arrowheads, points are an important clue to the past. Because they are made from durable materials like stone, points are one of the few clues that survive for thousands of years.

Archaeologists use the term projectile point or point rather than arrowhead. Many of these points were more than tips for arrows. In fact at the time the first people came to the Americas the bow and arrow was not being used.

The stone points used by the first Americans were attached to the end of long spears. These spears were thrown from a distance or used to stab prey from close range.

Archaeologists have found projectile points with the bones of ancient animals like mammoth (see the History Mystery Examiner). This is some of the strongest evidence that we have showing that the first Americans were hunting these large animals.

Projectile Point

Projectile Point 

Projectile Point

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