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The Paleo Supermarket
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Mesa Site Photo, Alaska
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Welcome to the Paleo Supermarket!

We learned in the History Mystery Examiner that the first Americans did not live on mammoth burgers alone. In fact, no one is sure just how often they hunted the giant megafauna. Archaeologists have found very little evidence that mammoth or any other megafauna made up a large part of their diet.

It seems that the first Americans were like us. They ate a variety of foods. Of course they did not have a supermarket to go to. They had to be very familiar with the world around them. This was the Paleo Supermarket.

At the Paleo Supermarket the choices are limited to what is in season. Seeds, berries, and roots were only available for a short period. It was necessary to harvest and store as much as possible when you could. Something as big as a mammoth would provide a considerable amount of food but you would have to know how to preserve the meat or all your work would be for nothing. Remember, there was no refrigeration.

Consider yourself lucky. The first Americans probably spent most of their time looking for food or shelter. There was not a lot of time for fun and games.

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