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The Fort Worth Five
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The Fort Worth Five

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the old west outlaws. In stories and movies the outlaws live a glamorous and exciting life. But what was life really like for them? 

This famous photo of "The Fort Worth Five" shows five men dressed in suit and tie that appear to be living the "good life". But were they? Harry Longabaough, Robert Parker, Ben Kilpatrick, William Carver, and Harvey Logan were in trouble with the law for most of their adult lives. The Pinkertons and lawmen all over the country constantly pursued them. And each and every one of "The Fort Worth Five" suffered a violent death. None lived to see their 45th birthday.

According to many Butch and Sundance were killed in a gunfight in Bolivia. The Pinkertons didn't believe it though and never closed the case. (See the History Mystery for details). But what happen to the others?

Ben Kilpatrick was killed in 1912 during an attempted robbery of the Southern Pacific's Sunset Flyer. A baggage car guard hit him over the head with a mallet used to crush ice and crushed Kilpatrick's skull. "The Tall Texan" was only 36 when he died.

Will Carver robbed banks and trains for most of the 1890's with a variety of men and gangs. Soon after the picture of the "Fort Worth Five" was taken a large posse in Sonora, Texas shot News Carver to pieces.

The Fort Worth Five, Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, News Carver, Harvey Logan, and Benjamin Kilpatrick

Harvey Logan, also known as Kid Curry, may have been the most feared killer in the West. Soon after moving to Wyoming in the late 1880's Logan and his brothers began rustling cattle. This soon led to other crimes such as robbery and murder. Logan was quick to use his gun often times with little or no provoking. Kid Curry was constantly on the run to avoid the law. On June 8, 1904 Logan and several other outlaws were trapped in a box canyon near Parachute, Colorado. Logan was shot in the shoulder. Rather than give himself up to the lawmen he committed suicide by shooting himself in the left temple.

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