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Have You Seen a $10,000 Bill?

In 1889 Butch Cassidy, Tom McCarty, and MattWarner robbed the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride, Colorado. The three bandits got away with $21,000. There is a legend that says the teller slipped a $10,000 bill into the sack. The teller hoped the outlaws would try and spend the large bill and arouse suspicion that might lead to their capture. Supposedly, rather than trying to spend the large bill, McCarty and Warner nailed the $10,000 bill to the wall of the saloon they later opened in Star Valley, Wyoming. Read the History Mystery Examiner for the complete story of the Telluride bank robbery.

What do you think? Could this legend be true? Have you ever seen a $10,000 bill? Did it exist in 1889?Let's put on our detective's hats and find out. Here is a clue to get you started.

Since 1862 the Bureau of Engraving and Printing has been responsible for printing all of the paper money used in the United States. If you look closely at their web page, you can find the answer to the mystery of the $10,000 bill. After you solve the mystery make sure you check out their cool kids page.

Is this $10,000 bill real?


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