Cabezon Creek WSA, NM
Railroad Valley Oil Well, Battle Mountain NV Antelope in New Mexico Arrow-leaf balsam root in Montana Wind Turbine Fire Management Officer in Eugene, OR
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BLM lands are “America’s Big Backyard.” Here’s your chance to explore it from your computer and learn amazing things while having fun!

Explore the Links Below and Discover Your Public Lands Like the Kids in These Photos

Walk on the Wild Side: Explore Your Public Lands Activity Book

Amazing facts and activities about America’s Public Lands. 
English  | Spanish

Soil Explorers

One cup of soil may hold as many bacteria as there are people on Earth. That’s over 6 billion. Yikes! Follow this link to fun activities and more amazing facts about soil.  More>>

Junior Explorer

Become a BLM Junior Explorer. Get out there, complete the tasks, and join the ranks of Junior Explorers around the country!  More>>

Get Out and Join In

Here are some ways to join in and help manage your public lands. Join us – not just in the work, but in the fun, too! More>>

Fun and Games

Learn about weeds, energy, and public lands while having fun!  More>>

History Mysteries

Grab your detective gear; it’s time to investigate some of history’s coolest mysteries!  More>>

Get Energized

What’s your energy IQ? Learn more about energy topics through this interactive program. More>>

Silent Invaders

Learn about alien invaders, the problems they cause, what's being done and how you can help.  More>>

Burning Issues

Explore the exciting but dangerous world of wildland fire management.  Then challenge yourself in the Fire Command Center when a wildland fire is reported.  More>>

Fire in Wildhorse Basin

These ecoventures will expand your knowledge of wildfire and the sage-steppe habitat of the Western United States. More>>

Homework Helpers

BLM resources on subjects from archaeology to zoology. More>>